10 Inch Double Palm Tree Perc Bong

10 Inch Double Palm Tree Perc Bong with 18mm glass on glass bowl. $55. 530-360-9796.

this 10 Inch Double Palm Tree Perc Bong hits like a cha
this 10 Inch Double Palm Tree Perc Bong hits like a chathis 10 Inch Double Palm Tree Perc Bong hits like a cha

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What is a bong?

A bong is a water pipe used to smoke cannabis. It cools smoke, providing a smoother, less harsh hit. 

Modern bongs consist of a tube coming up from a base. The base holds water and features an angled hole to accommodate a downstem. A bowl is inserted into the downstem, which channels smoke down into the base, through a cool drink of water, before coming up into the tube and out the mouthpiece, into the smoker’s lungs. The mouthpiece goes over the lips rather than into a person’s mouth.

While bongs are often sold “For tobacco use only,” they originate from regions where cannabis consumption traditions predate the introduction of tobacco.

History of the bong

Some sources say bongs originate in Thailand or Laos, and others say China and even regions of Northern Africa. Regardless of the bong’s place of origin, historians tend to agree that the bong is centuries, if not millennia old, and that it first made a splash in the West following the cultural exchange after the Vietnam War.

Numerous blog posts place the first use of the word “bong” in Western writing in a 1971 issue of Marijuana Review, while others discuss earlier travel writers. 

Benefits of using a bong

People mainly use bongs for water filtration, or to cool smoke, going so far as to add ice cubes or specialized features like frozen glycerine coils. 

Others say bong hits get them higher than a standard pipe or joint. Mostly because of the volume of smoke in a bong rip. 

The greater the surface area of the water, the greater the filtration effect which is why people use percolators. Percolators, or diffusers, increase water surface area by creating small bubbles, softening large bong rips.

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