$5 add on edible Special

$5 Customer appreciation. 530-360-9796 $5 add on edible Special

$5 add on Redding 420 Marijuana Delivery
$5 add on Redding 420 Marijuana Delivery

2 thoughts on “$5 add on edible Special

  1. I have had them all. My favorite is the BZ mix, omg it is so good I thought about keeping it to myself. But ended up sharing it😊. We love it, nice and fresh too. Great, now I have to place an order so I can get some!!! Mmmmm

    I dont think I need to tell anyone how awesome Tony(the driver) is. One of a kind and always on time. I could go on….

  2. Me and my wife love the brownies tony the driver is awsome we have been a customer since day 1 dont buy anywhere else tony is that Awsome

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