About Redding 420 Redding420.com

About Redding 420 Redding420.com is a local marijuana delivery service.

Home of Redding 420 Marijuana Delivery Service. Recreational and Medicinal.

Redding 420 Marijuana Delivery Service 530-360-9796.

Delivery. -Mon-Sat -CLOSED SUNDAYS-. Cash Only At This Time.

Marijuana  CONCENTRATES  Atomizers Distilate/Diamonds or Terp sauce.

Marijuana Redding California, Redding420.com, Redding 420, Concentrates, Shasta County. 

Redding 420 is a local marijuana and marijuana related product delivery service. Recreational and medical. 710, 215 and 420 too.

Indoor, Outdoor and organic Marijuana. Strains such as OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Chem Dog, Purple Kush, Green Crack and many others too. Lots of indoca and sative hybrids.


 Also, we offer various edibles such as cake pops, gummy worms, taffy and other assorted edible items.

When you look out our menu, you will notice a very nice selection of dabables such as, CO2, Rosin, Full Melt Hash and BHO.

There is also a section of vaporizers, blown glass pipes, water bongs and Dab Rigs too.

We deliver in most of the Shasta county area. Redding, Anderson, Shasta Lake and most outlaying areas.

For those who do not reside in Shast County, give us a call at 1-530-360-9796 and we can discuss your options.

In conclusion:

Hours of operation

Monday – Saturday 10AM to 6:30PM

Sunday Closed

Redding 420 Marijuana Delivery 1-530-360-9796

Finally, Please check back regularly as we are constantly updating our menue with new and fresh products.

About Redding 420 Redding420.com

Redding 420
As well as those wanting more information about cannabis products and their performance. Also, our core values set us apart as cannabis markets expand, deepen, and compete. Easy: Keywords and phrases search a robust database of strains, dispensaries, clinics, products, and news displayed by relevancy and category.