$30 each or 2 $50 ELF BARS Lost Mary’s. 530-360-9796. Elfbars Elf Bars. Ask your delivery person about flavors.. Also, there are limited quatities. So get them while you can!!! These are rechargeable DISPOSABLE PODS. You can also see the complete Redding 420 MENU HERE.


Nicotine, including nicotine salt, is also listed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an acute hazardous waste. 1 Discarded or neglected vaping products may contain harmful substances, including unused e-liquid. 2, 3 Improper storage and disposal of these items may lead to unintentional exposure and accidental nicotinepoisoning.

Elfbars or Elf Bars contain nicotine.

A new wave of synthetic nicotine products is emerging on the market, raising regulatory questions and health concerns as youth vaping continues at epidemic levels.

The disposable e-cigarette Puff Bar and oral nicotine products Bidi Pouches, NIIN and Rush are a few of these new products marketing synthetic nicotine, or nicotine that was created in a laboratory and not derived from tobacco. These new products, which have not been through the required regulatory review and approval processes, also come in flavors that are proven to attract youth.

While it is too early to know whether the health effects of synthetic nicotine are different than those of tobacco-derived nicotine, we do know that these products threaten to addict more young people. Here are some important things to know about synthetic nicotine.

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