Treasure Island Cannasseur Extracts Concentrate

(3g $40) Or be a baller 10G $100. 530-360-9796. This Treasure Island Cannasseur Extracts Concentrate is another Redding 420 exclusive. THC: 66%.

About Treasure Island Flower

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica.

THC: 14%-21%, CBD: 18%.

Treasure Island is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the potent Swiss Gold and Cannatonic strains. This bud packs a treasure trove of pain-relieving effects. Also with a near 1:1 CBD:THC level that typically hits about 14-22% on average. That being said, the effects of Treasure Island are fairly mild. Also with a subtle lift and touch of energy that won’t overwhelm you or cause any sort of anxiety or paranoia. The Treasure Island high is definitely a wonder to behold, with pain-relieving effects and a long-lasting sense of relaxation that leave you at ease without a care in the world.

This is accompanied by an increase in focus and creativity and a touch of light energy. Thanks to these mild effects and its super high CBD level, Treasure Island is often chosen to treat many condition. Such as chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, inflammation, arthritis, and headaches or migraines. This bud also has a mild herbal woody flavor and an earthy floral aroma to match with hints of fresh lavender and spices. Treasure Island buds have fluffy grape-shaped minty green nugs with long thin orange hairs and a coating of chunky frosty light amber crystal trichomes.

Finally, this Treasure Island Cannasseur Extracts Concentrate is a treasured concentrate. You can also see the complete Redding 420 MENU HERE.

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