White Chocolate Indoor Cannabis

$35 1/8 oz — $50 1/4 oz — $80 1/2 oz — $140 OZ 530-360-9796. White Chocolate Indoor Cannabis.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica THC: 25%. White Chocolate is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica). Also created through crossing the tasty Chocolope X White Moonshine strains. If you’re after a heavy flavor that will leave your tongue tingling, White Chocolate is the perfect choice for you. This bud has a sweet and creamy vanilla chocolate flavor. Also with hints of fruitiness. Many say like fresh melon and spicy cherries. The aroma is just as delicious, although it does have a hint of spicy black pepper and lemony kush to it, too.

The White Chocolate high will settle in slowly. Thus beginning with a subtle boost of the spirits that has you feeling pretty euphoric and without a care in the world. A tingly body high accompanies this heady lift, relaxing your physical form and infusing you with a sense of calm that can quickly turn heavy and sedative. Thanks to these sleepy effects and its high 21-25% average THC level, White Chocolate is often chosen to treat a wide variety of conditions. Such as chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, chronic stress, chronic pain and appetite loss or nausea. This bud has long, pepper-shaped dark forest green nugs with amber undertones, super thin orange hair and tiny, golden-white crystal trichomes.

Finally, this White Chocolate Indoor Cannabis from Redding 420 is nice for a change from the same old smoke. You can also see the complete Redding 420 MENU HERE.

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